If you are struggling with pain from an ingrowing toe nail, then make an appointment to see one of our fully trained chiropodists, it needn’t necessarily result in surgery and the sooner it is treated the better.

Ingrowing Toe Nails

Ingrowing toe nails are caused when the nail grows into the skin at the side of the nail, creating sometimes severe pain, swelling and redness. It can occur on any nail of the foot, and become infected very quickly so it’s important to get your toenail checked. There are many different solutions, but it is important to see a podiatrist if you suspect you have an ingrowing toe nail. It is especially important if you have diabetes.

Ingrowing nails can be prevented by proper nail care. This includes cutting the nail straight across and not down the sides of the nail. Also ensure that you are wearing the correct size shoes that are not too narrow for your feet.

Home visits

Patients who are unable to attend the clinic can access our home visit service, call 01628 477377 and request a home visit.

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