Nowadays there are huge number of trainers to choose from. It is important to get the correct trainer for your gait type so the foot is supported correctly and comfortably.

Most sporting patients are aware of the different types of shoes available i.e. stability shoes, motion control shoes, cushion shoes etc., but can find it daunting choosing the right level of correction and often unaware that weight can play an important part in the support you get.

For example a person weighing 75kg in a pair of pronation control shoes will benefit from the support provided by the shoe, but when worn by a person of 85 kg the shoes will no longer provide this level of support and can be considered more a neutral shoe.

At pod marlow we use Motion Quest gait analysis software to prescribe the correct running shoes, after collating the information obtained from your assessment we are able to provide a comprehensive list of trainers specific for your foot type, sporting activity and weight.

It is also important to consider that many patients that use orthotic devices may need to change the shoes they use to increase or decrease the level of support accordingly.

We can also supply Custom made flip flops and sandals or Off the shelf supportive sandals for summer use when orthotics aren’t always easy to accommodate.

prescription shoes
Prescription Shoes
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