There are a wide variety of reasons that patients attend an appointment for nail care. For some it is a simple matter that they can no longer reach their nails. This may have been caused by a hip operation, stroke or simply old age. Other patients can have fungal nail infections or ingrowing toe nails. Advice and treatment can be tailored to suit the patient accordingly.

Fungal Nail Infections

Fungal nail infections can affect the hands or feet. Nails become thickened and discoloured and may crumble due to fungal and yeast infections. It may also cause pain and swelling in the skin around the nail.

Treatment can include care such as ensuring that feet are kept dry and wearing clean socks every day, plus medication and thickened toenails can be painlessly sanded down and the infected nail removed.

Home visits

Patients who are unable to attend the clinic can access our home visit service, call 01628 477377 and request a home visit.

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