Video gait analysis is an important part of the assessment; it enables our practitioners to observe any misalignments or unusual movements during the gait cycle.

Using cutting edge camera equipment and software we are able to slow down and study subtle but crucial movements which would otherwise remain undetectable. These subtle movements when observed can produce a far more successful treatment plan.

Video gait analysis is also a great way to demonstrate what happens when you walk/run, which helps to provide you with a greater understanding as to why you are getting injured, and how to prevent it from happening.

Using video gait analysis we can compare walking/running with and without shoes/orthotics to observe the level and effectiveness of the provided correction. This further enables us to deliver an extremely accurate treatment plan that can be observed and quantified.

RS Scan pressure plate

This equipment can sample 500 frames a second as the foot makes contact with the pressure plate, delivering in-depth information relating to pressure and force distribution, and their interactions with the biomechanics of the foot.


"I was stunned by the level of detail that the analysis equipment was able to capture.

I was able to clearly see what was happening to my hips as I ran and understand how this was causing pain."

Mr R Armstrong