Some patients may require a greater level of correction which is usually provided by an orthotic device.

What are orthotics?
Orthotics are mostly created from a replica of your feet to provide a bespoke, perfectly fitted and therefore extremely comfortable device to realign and correct misalignments. A prescription is created after analysing the data from your biomechanical assessment.

Orthotic requirements can vary greatly depending on a patient’s build, sport, and lifestyle and only after a detailed assessment can the correct device be made. At pod marlow there are a number of different types of orthotics that we regularly use.



Off the shelf Devices

We do also use off the shelf devices where less control is need or where patients don’t require such long term use, we also use this style of device more often than not when treating children as they are growing quickly it is advantageous to provide something not to expensive that can be changed regularly as the patient grows.

Semi Bespoke Orthotics

These are soft shelled devices that are created from the pressure scan of your feet. They are built from pre-made components but unlike ‘off the shelf devices’ we are able to add a completely bespoke prescription to them, these devices are more cost effective and sufficient for the needs of many patients.

Bespoke Orthotics

These devices are made from a 3d Laser scan of the feet and can be tailored exactly to your needs; they provide greater and more accurate levels of support where more extreme prescriptions are needed. They also have a much greater lifespan; most bespoke devices come with a 10 year guarantee.

Bespoke orthotics can also be tailored to an individual shoe very precisely by sending the patient’s prescription along with a pair of trainers, football boots etc, to an orthotics lab. Here an orthotic can be made that precisely fits both your foot and your shoe. We use a number of orthotics Labs so our patients have a huge pool of devices to choose from, these range from traditional polypropylene vacuum formed devices to the latest 3d Printed Phits Orthoses.



New Technology:

3D Laser Scanner

To create an accurate replica of your feet we use a 3d Laser to scan the foot, The Patients foot is placed in the correct position the scanner produced a 3d model of the foot in a matter of seconds. The scan can be further manipulated enhanced in the software to produce an incredibly accurate prescription.


BTS G-Sensor

At the clinic we use a small piece of equipment to track the movement in the pelvis and legs during the gait cycle. The device sits in a belt that is worn around the waist the accelerometers and gyroscope allow the device to track its position in space and the movements made during the gait cycle it is especially good at identifying asymmetries from the right side to the left and can also compare values in its database against other people and check if you are working within normal parameters. It is a great way of giving the patient and practitioner an in depth and complete overview of the lower limb and the way it functions.


"I just wanted to express my thanks for the orthotics that you created for me.
They are very comfortable and fit into most of my shoes."

Mrs Kennedy