Piriformis Syndrome

The Piriformis is a muscle that adducts (externally rotates) the leg. It is positioned at the hip joint deep to the gluteal muscles. The Sciatic nerve runs very close and sometimes through this structure. If it becomes enlarged due to overwork or if inflammation is present the sciatic nerve can become impinged which results in pain radiating from the hip down the leg.

Tight Hamstrings

Tight muscles are far more common in men and are usually a result of over training with little to no stretching. Genetics can play a part in muscle length and some people may be naturally less flexible than most. If tight muscle groups are found then a comprehensive stretching regime is needed, tight muscles will limit athletic performance, are more likely to tear and cause joints to become misaligned.

Lower Back Pain

This is a very common problem seen at the clinic. People will often put up with it and believe it to be due to the stress’ and strains of everyday life, which to an extent it is but a large number of cases can be solved by using simple exercises and/or orthotics. Patients with tight hamstrings or gluteals can experience lower back pain, a few minutes of stretching exercises a day can lengthen the muscles and relive this pain. Many people have a difference in the length of their legs, this in turn misaligns the pelvis and gives rise to back pain, correcting the difference can improve or resolve the symptoms. There are many causes and only with detailed analysis can the cause be found and treated.